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ericksons stages

July 23rd, 2009 by spongeboblover

infancy-being that my daughter was one year old ,she was able to develop the sense of trust because her needs were dependently met and she developed  this basic sense of trust, unlike my daughter–one of my friends children,who was eleven mths old at the time was not able to develop the same sense of basic trust as my daughter,therefore she developed the sense of mistrust because her needs were enot dependently met

toddlerhood-now that my daughter is fourteen mths old she has developed the sense of autonomy by learning that she could exercise her will and do most things that a toddler is able to do,unlike my daughter my friends 2yr old son had the developed the issue of shame and doubt, so now he tends to doubt his abilities and solely relie on his mother for every little thing

preschooler-there is a 4yr old boy named mikey and a 5 yr old girl named anna. Mikey developed the sense of intiative. this child learned to initiate tasks and carry out plans . the 5yr old,anna, developed the issue of guilt,where she feels guilty whenever she tries  to put in work in order to become independent

elementary school-there is autumn, a 7 yr old little girl, and there is david, an 11 yr old little boy. autumn has learned the pleasure of applying herself to tasks by having competence.whereas david does not feel competent ,he justfeels inferior

adolescence-being that i am 17 yrs old ,i have worked hard trying to find myself.i worked by refinig a sense of self by testing roles and integrating them to form my own individual identity,whereas most of my friends have developed a sense of role confusion because most of them became confused about who they are or who they want to be

young adulthood-my 21yr old friend has developed the sense of intimacy because she struggled to form close relationships but she was abke to gain the capacity of intimate love, unlike her 39yr old mother she wasnt able to develop any close bonds with anyone so she developed of issue of isolation so now she feels like she is socailly isolated                                       

middle adulthood-my 4o yr old aunt developed the sense of ganerativity,she discovered a sense the she had contributed to the world through family and work, unlike  my other 47 year old woman, who developed the sense of stagnation, so feels like shse lacks a purpose of this earth

late adulthood-my next door neighbor is 89yrs old and eventhough her husband has died within the past year she steill developed the feeling of integrity instead of despair

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