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August 31st, 2009 by desi

yo… so basically i’m sitting here in the jepson literacy comp thingy i dunno what the official name is. anyways, point of the matter is that i’m almost done with all my work that is due this week! i finished my online bio quiz, and i just have to do the post-lab exercise for thursday. for orgo: i finished one of my quizes, and i only have one more to go before lab tomorrow. which means that i am currently quite close to bashing my head against the books i borrowed from the library because i still haven’t received mine in the mail… sweet. ugh. hopefully they will come later today or tomorrow before lab, ’cause otherwise i think i might be sunk. like these two books are helpful, but they aren’t the ones i need so desperately…

the following song of the day is more likt the song of the week. this song got me through the first week of school, and it looks like it just might be getting me through the second week of school as well!

i don’t really have anything else poignant to say, so i think i’ll leave it at that for now, and maybe i’ll post again later. hopefully i’ll make this more updated at least once a week? who knows. not like anyone reads my ramblings anyways.

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